Natural Process

We offer fresh vegetables and organic products as it is produced in farm . We do provides Vegetables and Fruits  in Kathmandu valley directly sourced from the farm 


We will strive to have almost all ranges of organic products such as rice, daal , cereals from mustang, Jumla regions  to serve our customers the products of choice for their daily needs.

Heart Friendly

Food is very vital to human beings and What you eat is Who you are , You become that what you eat so we recommend to use healthy and green-leafy vegetables in the kitchen to make  everything heart-friendly. 🙂

naturalife is good for your health
Fresh & Organic

Vegetables and Fruits in Kathmandu

If you regularly load up your grocery cart with a variety of veggies, you could be well on your way to a healthier and longer life. But which ones should you reach for? Recent research has shown that dozens of vegetables pack a particularly big nutritional punch. Sneaking them into your daily diet couldn’t be simpler.So lets buy up vegetables  fruits , cereals in Kathmandu from us. We deliver at your home you just need to make us an order online. We would strive to provide prompts services in  Kathmandu

Vegmandu Kathmandu

Vegetables & Fruits in Kathmandu

We provides all  vegetables and Fruits .According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (2009-10) & Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC), vegetable crops are cultivated in only 7.3 percent of the total cultivable land in Nepal. Total worth of vegetables (excluding potatoes) produced during 2009/10 was around Rs 105 billion, 

Vegmandu Fruits & Vegetables
Vegetables Fresh Local Grown
Cereals Jumla & Mustang
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Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Items in Kathmandu

We provide fresh and organically grown vegetables , fresh fruits and cereals grown in Jumla , Mustang part of region that are healthy and nutritious to consume. Once you place order we will inform you if the items are available with us and we will provide delivery soon after you place an order with us .

Order Fresh Vegetables and Fruits in Kathmandu Valley Online with us today!